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Peg Leg and Eye Appreciators' Smutfic Extravaganza

All Moody, all the time.

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moodyplease is a community for those of us who believe Alastor Moody is a sex machine deserves more, um, "attention" than he usually gets in fanfiction. We think the scars are hot, realize that the peg leg might have other uses, and we're not turned off by the fact that he's a paranoid old bastard. We love our Mad-Eye just the way he is, thanks!

moodyplease is a community for posting fics that feature Alastor Moody as a main character, preferably in a sexual situation. Fics posted to the community should be at least a little bit smutty. Kink is welcome but not required.

moodyplease is not the place for gen Moody-centric stories, or for stories in which Moody only puts in a brief appearance. Nor is it the place for fluffy romance fics that don't go beyond hand-holding. This is a community in which Moody will (hopefully) Get Some. Often. For all your non-smutty Moody needs, please go to one_eyed_man.

There will be writing challenges occasionally, but other fics are welcome at all times.


1. Fics and art (both het and slash) rated hard PG-13 to NC-17 are welcome here.

2. This community will contain material of an adult nature; you must be 18 or older to join. If I notice any underage members, I will remove you from the community. If you don't list a DOB in your profile, I will assume that you have read and comply with this rule.

3. Please place all fics and large images behind a LJ-cut. Icons and drabbles/ficlets under 500 words need not be placed behind cut tags unless they are rated NC-17.

4. Adult content must be placed behind a LJ-cut.

5. All fics and art must feature Alastor Moody as one of the main characters.

6. Please include the following information with your fic/artwork:
(if applicable)
Challenge: (if applicable)

7. Please stay on topic. Stories, art, recs, and suggestions for challenges are on topic. Everything else is not.

tartanshell is the community moderator. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, please send an email to tartanshell@livejournal.com.